Nibbles & Starters

Plain Papadom 60p each

Spicy Papadom (H) 60p each

Chutneys & Pickles 50p each
Mint Sauce (D), Mixed Onion Salad, Lime Pickle, Spicy Tomato Sauce, Sweet Mango Chutney

Homemade Veg Samosa (V) £2.95
Samosa stuffed with mixed vegetable with cumin, ginger, green chillies tempered with green peas & potato mince

Homemade Lamb Samosa £3.25
Samosa stuffed with mince lamb, cumin, ginger, green chillies tempered with green peas

Onion Bhaji (V) £3.45
An Indian classic made house-style with red onion & spinach, served with aubergine chutney

Aloo Chat (V) £3.45
Crispy new potatoes & chickpeas, laced with sweetened yoghurt, tamarind & sprinkled with sev

Lamb Platter £7.95
Pepper coated lamb sheekh, classic samosa, gulati kebab

Seafood Platter £9.75
King prawn marinated in peppercorn & cheese, Salmon infused with dill, grain mustard & hint of honey, Goan style Devon crab cake, coriander mayo

Bhune Rattan £6.95
Spice dusted pan-seared scallops, garlic & chilli mash, coconut & lime leaf jus

Goan ka Kekda £5.95
Spiced crab cake served with Mint Sauce

Tiger Prawn Puri £5.50
Lightly spiced prawns served on a puri (puffy bread/ fried bread)

Chicken Ke Chaap “Sixer” £4.50
A favourite cricket snack during the days of Raj, this spicy fried chicken was said to lead to more than just a few boundaries

Keema Pau £5.50
Spiced mince lamb with shallots, brioche bread

Street Food

Aloo Tokri Chaat £6.95
Basket made with grated potatoes filled with curried chickpeas, boiled potatoes, vermicelli, pomegranate with sweet and spicy chutneys

Pani Puri £5.95
Crispy puri filled with chickpeas, boiled potatoes, topped with sour and spicy mint water

Samosa Chaat £6.95
Spicy chickpeas with tamarind, yoghurt, chutneys and pomegranate served with a choice of homemade lamb samosa or veg samosa

Raj Kachori £8.25
Known as the king of Chaats; large crispy shells filled with chickpeas, moong lentil pokoras, special vegetable mix, topped with yoghurt and chutneys

Masala Mogo £4.95
Cassava chips in a spicy sauce

Masala Chips £3.95
Chips in a spicy sauce

From the Tandoor

All these dishes are marinated in a blend of tandoor spices & grilled at 400 degrees. Choice of starter or main.

Stuffed Squid  Starter £6.75 / Main £13.50
Squid stuffed with crab & smoked mackerel, spicy tomato chutney

Chicken Shashlik  Starter £4.50 / Main £8.95
Marinated in garlic, peppercorn & cheese

King Prawn Ke Jumke  Starter £6.25 / Main £12.50
Marinated in garlic, peppercorn & cheese

Smoked Salmon Tikka  Starter £6.25 / Main £12.50
Spiced with dill, grain mustard & hint of honey

Classic Chicken Tikka  Starter £3.95 / Main £7.90
Marinated with yoghurt & smoked paprika, finished in tandoor

Classic Lamb Tikka  Starter £4.25 / Main £8.50
Marinated with yoghurt & smoked paprika, finished in tandoor

Tandoori Chicken  Starter £4.25 / Main £8.50
Marinated baby chicken with fresh herbs & goan spices

Murgh Tikka Trio  Starter £5.25 / Main £10.50
Chicken morsels marinated in mint & coriander, goats cheese & peppercorn, pickling spices

Lamb Chop  Starter £6.50 / Main £12.50
Clove-smoked baby lamb chops served with cucumber yogurt

Seekh Kebab  Starter £3.95 / Main £7.90
Minced meat marinated with coriander, ginger & garlic, finished in tandoor

Tandoori Tiranga Paneer (V)  Starter £4.95 / Main £9.50
Tri-coloured stuffed paneer tikka served with raw papaya chutney

Patti Ka Jhinga  Starter £6.25 / Main £12.50
Char-grilled black prawns marinated in lemon grass, coriander & basil, mint sauce

Regional Specialities

Sea Bass Kaldin £13.75
Pan seared sea bass, Goan coriander & coconut sauce

Karahi Ghosht £9.75
Diced Lamb cooked in karahi sauce, beetroot pickled onion

Keralan Jumbo Prawn Curry £13.50
Golden roasted coconut & mustard curry with traditional Keralan spices

Goan Jhinga Curry £13.75
King prawns gently poached in red, curry sauce finished with okra

South Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken £9.50
Cooked with fresh chillies & lime, finished with mustard & curry leaves

Corgi Coconut Lamb £11.50
Diced lamb slowly cooked with golden roasted coconut

Dub Chingri £13.50
King prawns delicately cooked with coconut milk, cardamom & saffron

Chicken Chettinad £9.50
Chicken cooked in Chettinad spices

Butter Chicken (N) £9.50
Tandoori chicken (boneless) simmered in butter, tomato, almond, fenugreek sauce

Goan Beef Chilli Fry (H) £9.75
Stir fry beef with peppers and onions

Lamb Shank-Roganjosh £12.50
Slow braised lamb shank prepared in Hyderabadi-style

Rajasthani Lal Maas (H) £11.50
Diced lamb cooked in fiery red chilli sauce

Railway Lamb Curry £9.75
Diced Lamb cooked with poppy seeds & new potatoes in onion & tomato sauce

Matar Paneer Masala (V) £8.75
Green peas & paneer in buttery tomato curry with almond sauce

Classic Curries

Favourite curries with your choice of meat, seafood or vegetables

Choose from:
Seasonal Vegetables £6.25
Chicken £7.25
Lamb £7.55
Chicken Tikka £7.55
Lamb Tikka £7.95
Tiger Prawns £8.50
Jumbo King Prawns £12.50

Masala: Buttery tomato curry with almond (N)
Sagwala: Creamy spinach & onion curry
Korma: Popular sweet mild dish cooked in a sauce made with ground almonds, coconut & cream (N)

Balti: With fresh ginger, herbs & onions
Dopiaza: Medium spiced thick savoury sauce tempered with a hint of sweetness & mixed herbs, garnished with fried onions & mixed peppers
Bhuna: Medium strength dish with fresh herbs, spices, onion, garlic, garnished with onions, tomatoes & coriander in a dry sauce
Rogan: A rich traditional dish made with pimento, all spice, garlic & a rich tomato garnish

Jhalfrezi: A popular classic cooked with onions, green peppers & chillies in a tomato sauce flavoured with green herbs
Dhansak: One of the all time favourites, prepared in a sweet, sour & slightly hot sauce, thickened with creamy cooked spicy lentils and sweet lemon
Vindaloo: A very hot classic made with the key element of fiery red hot chilli powder with red chillies & potato (H)
Pathia: This dish is sweet, hot & savoury, cooked with shredded onions, tomatoes & spices in a thick spicy tomato sauce, & fresh lemon juice for a distinctive flavour
Madras: Hot but not searing, a rich & somewhat sour dish, with garlic, chillies, tomatoes sauce (H)

Biryani Dishes

Prepared in classic mogul-style with aromatic rice served with mix vegetable curry

Seasonal Vegetables £7.95
Chicken £8.95
Chicken Tikka £9.25
Lamb £9.25
Lamb Tikka £9.55
Tiger Prawns £10.95
Jumbo Prawns £13.95

Rice & Bread

Steamed Rice £2.25
Mushroom Rice £2.95
Pilau Rice £2.50
Onion & Garlic Rice £2.95
Keema Rice £2.95
Plain Buttered Naan £2.25
Garlic & Onion Naan £2.50
Peshawari Naan (N) £2.50
Laccha Paratha £2.50
Chilli & Cheese Naan £2.50
Missi Roti £2.25
Keema Naan £2.50
Chapati £2.25


Change any side dish to a main for £1.50 more

Bhindi Bhaji £3.95
Dry fried spiced okra

Dhingri Palak £3.95
Garlic flavoured spinach & mushroom

Dal Makhani £4.50
24 hour simmered black lentils with cream & butter

Baingan Bhartha £3.95
Smoked crushed aubergine

Green Bean Fogath £3.95
Fresh green beans with sweet coconut & mild spices

Chana Bhuna £3.75
Chickpeas cooked with tomato, onions & green peppers

Saag Paneer £4.50
Indian cottage cheese cooked with spinach & fenugreek

Mushroom Bhaji £3.75
Stir-fried mushrooms

Ghobi Bhaji £3.95
Cauliflower cooked with tomato, ginger & garlic

Bombay Aloo £3.75
Spiced potatoes fried with butter & masala

Lasan Saag/Saag Bhaji £3.95
Battered garlic spinach

Aloo Gobi £3.95
Cauliflower & potatoes cooked with traditional spices

Subz Kaju Thoran (N) £5.00
Blanched vegetables quickly stir-fried with cashew nuts & grated coconut

Dal Tarka £3.95

Saag Aloo £3.95
Spinach & potatoes tempered with cumin & onions

Chunky Chips £2.50

Green Salad £2.50

Curry Sauces

Korma Sauce £2.75
Masala Sauce £2.75
Rogan Sauce £2.50
Madras Sauce £2.50
Vindaloo Sauce £2.50
Plain Raitha £2.50
Cucumber Raitha £2.75


Please speak to our staff about any allergies or intolerances before placing your order

Vegetarian Set Menu £12.50

Vegetable Samosa, Vegetable Jhalfrezi,
Bombay Aloo, Pilau Rice, Plain Buttered Naan

Set Menu for One £14.50

Onion Bhaji, Chicken Tikka Masala, Bombay
Aloo, Pilau Rice, Plain Buttered Naan

Set Menu for Two £31.50

2 Plain Popadoms, Mint Sauce Chutney,
Sweet Mango Chutney, Onion Bhaji, Chicken
Tikka, Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Balti,
Bombay Aloo, Dal Tarka, Pilau Rice, Onion
and Garlic Rice, Plain Buttered Naan

Homemade Lemonade

In 250ml servings, our bespoke freshly made lemonades are ultimate thirst quenchers

Sicilian Lemonade £3.25
Super ripe lemon, Fresh mint, Demerara sugar

Elderflower and Ginger £3.25
Fresh lemon, Elderflower, Fresh ginger

Strawberry and Rose £3.25
Fresh lemon, Pink rose, Strawberry

Le Taj Lassis

The Indian cult classic drink with a Le Taj twist, staright to your door (250ml)

Alphonso Mango Lassi 3.25
Smoky Coconut Lassi 3.25
Green Cardamom & Rose Lassi 3.25
Roasted Cumin & Himalayan Pink Salt Lassi 3.25
Bourbon Vanilla Lassi 3.25

Soft Drinks

Still/Sparkling Water £1.95
Coke £1.50
Diet Coke £1.50
Sprite £1.50
Soda £1.50



Our House cocktails bring the Le Taj dining experience to your home, the 200ml bottle can comfortably make one large or two small servings. Just add ice and enjoy your glass of magic

Shimla Snow £6.95
Bombay Sapphire, Elderflower liqueur, Cointreau, Rose water, Lychee,  fresh lime

Go to Goa £6.50
Bacardi Carta white rum, Coconut, Kaffir lime, Orange curacao, basil, Fresh lime

Passion and Fire £6.95
Johnnie Walker Black label, Southern Comfort, Passionfruit, Fresh green chilli, Burnt sugar syrup

Ayurvedic Margarita £7.25
Aqua Riva Tequila Blanco, Agave Nectar, Turmeric, fresh lime, Himalayan pink salt

Pink berry Sling £6.75
Absolute Vodka, Cointreau, Watermelon, Cranberry, Fresh lime

Smoked Chilli Punch £6.75
Captain Morgan dark rum, Alphonso mango, Homemade burnt chilli syrup, Fresh lime, Vanilla sugar

Saffron Gimlet £6.50
Bombay Sapphire, Saffron cordial, Fresh lime, Lemon oil

Beers & Ciders (330ml)

Session IPA, Curious Bru, England 4.3% £3.95

Wheat Blend, Estrella Inedit Damn, Spain 4.8% £3.95

London Pale Ale, Meantime, England 4.5% £3.95

Lager, Kingfisher, India 4.8% (650ml) £4.50

Lager, Cobra, India 5% (620ml) £4.50

Cider, Cornish Orchard Gold, England 5% (500ml) £4.95


Sparkling Wine

Prosecco DOC Serenello Extra Dry, Veneto, Italy (200ml bottle) £7.95
The delicious aromas of apple and pear melt into a smooth and fresh wine on the palate

Prosecco Spumante, I Castelli DOC, Veneto, Italy  £20.25
A modern style prosecco with a green apple and lemon peel on nose, crisp and clean with a refreshing finish


Temppranillo-Syrah, Altozano 2018, Castilla-La-Mancha, Spain £12.95
This wine has a strawberry, raspberry and red plum fruit character on the soft, and very approachable round and fruity palate

White Wine

Pinot Grigio, Primi Soli 2019, Veneto, Italy  £15.25
Characterful aromas with hints of grapefruit, ripe peach and pear. The wine is full-bodied and rich, with excellent crispy finish

Viognier, Patriarche 2019, Languedoc-Roussillion, France £16.25
This Rhône varieties completely at home in the warm Languedoc-Roussillon region of southern France, this unoaked wine shows a fresh, floral character with notes of peach and stone fruit with a soft and slightly spicy finish


Red Wine

Malbec-Bonarda, Healy & Gray Estate 2019, Mendoza, Argentina £18.95
The juicy fruit of Malbec combines beautifully with the subtle spiciness of Bonarda resulting in a wine which is velvety smooth on the outside but macho on the inside

Nero d’ Avola, Lamura 2019, Sicily, Italy £15.95
An enticing bouquet of cassis and sweet spice in nose. It has soft elegant red fruit character with silky spicy finish



Gooey Chocolate Brownie/Very Vanilla £6.50
Tub of Judes ice cream (460ml)

Gajar Halva £4.00
Carrot pudding with toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream

Payasam £4.00
Tapioca pudding (kheer)

Marla kulfi £3.50
Traditional Indian ice cream pistachio

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Due to current Covid-19 restrictions we are unable to offer a table service at this time.

But let us bring the Le Taj experience to you! Take advantage of our takeaway and delivery service by contacting our team to place your order or use our 'Order Online' link above.

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Due to current Covid-19 restrictions we are unable to offer a table service at this time.

But let us bring the Le Taj experience to you! Take advantage of our takeaway and delivery service by contacting our team to place your order or use our 'Order Online' link above.